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Website domain transfer

Currently, if you are looking to transfer your domain name. Then you are at the right place here in RegisterDomainIndia we do undertake website domain transfer from other providers to our server at an affordable price. You can transfer your existing domain to our server easily.  Here is the information on Understanding Domain Transfer.

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Your domain name is your online identity as people know you and your brand or product which is referred to you.

Reasons for domain transfer

There a lot of reasons that you can consider transferring your domain name:

Legal reasons: In rare occasions, you may find that you have obtained a domain name that has just been purchased by another person. In such a situation you will get a letter from a legal advisor requesting that you exchange your domain with the person who bought it first so as to abstain from invading the copyright. For the correct owner to get the domain you need to transfer it.

Selling: Old domain names have an online expert in this way rank superior to the new ones. On the off chance that you are no longer interested in keeping up your website, you can sell the domain to another website admin. The value that you offer at relies upon the age of the domain and the quantity of backlinks indicating it. For the new proprietor to get it, you need to transfer it.

In some cases, you may just need to change your hosts. In the event that you are uncomfortable with your current hosting company, you can transfer your domain to another company.

Things you should know about domain transfer

When you are transferring a domain it's great to know that when you do it you don't change the servers for the domain. There is no issue on the off chance that you are hosting your company with a DNS provider that you trust and love yet in the event that you are utilizing your registrar's name servers, you need to change to the DNSimple's name servers before you start the exchange. This is to keep the service provider from turning off your DNS records amid the transfer.

For the transfer procedure to be possible, your domain name must be over 60 days old. You additionally shouldn't have transferred it over the most recent 60 days. To start the transfer procedure you require a transfer approval code from your present registrar.

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Failure of the transfer to go through

It's regular for the transfer procedure to fail to go through. There are many reasons why this may happen. One reason is whether you haven't approved the exchange. For the procedure to start you need to approve it by clicking on the sent email. You should check your admin email address to begin the procedure.

The procedure likewise won't go through if your domain name has been expired. For the procedure to continue, you need to renew your domain name. You should take note of that you need to wait for 60 days before you transfer it. And even if your domain name is locked in that case also you cannot transfer your domain name. To proceed with transferring you need to check with your domain admin unlock it.


This is the thing that you have to know about domain name transfer. For the procedure to be possible you are required have all the fundamental requirements. You should have the exchange approval code and your domain ought to be over 60 days old. Likewise, ensure that the exchange certifications you give are correct.

Domain Transfer Process

What is the process to transfer domains to someone?

There may be many reasons why somebody needs to transfer his/her domain name to someone else. The reason could be a merger or acquisition or the requirement for another person to deal with the domain individually. There are two ways in which domain transfers can be made.

"You can transfer the ownership of the domain to another person and keep the domain name registrar and web hosting service provider.
The other way could be to exchange the domain starting with one registrar to another registrar."

How to transfer domains to someone else?

>>>> primarily you need to Disable domain privacy <<<<

You have to ensure that your domain security is disabled or paused on the off chance that you need to transfer the ownership of your domain to another person. You can do as such from the control panel of your domain registrar. You can login to the control panel and go to the interface that gives you a chance to manage the domain.

>>>> You also need to Unlock the domain name before transferring <<<<

Once the privacy has been disabled or stopped, your following stage will be to unlock the domain name with the goal that it can be exchanged to another person. On the off chance that you are in the control panel of the registrar, you will find a connection to unlock domain area name.

>>>> Get the transfer code to transfer the domain name <<<<

Once the domain name has been unlocked, you should get a domain transfer code. This code will enable you to transfer the domain name to someone else. There will be a link on the control panel where you can get the code. You just need to click on the link and note down the code.

>>>> Give the transfer code to the new owner and initiate the domain transfer <<<<

When you get the domain transfer code, you have to offer it to the person who the area domain is being transferred to. The transfer of the domain can be started by the new proprietor. At times, the recorder may enable you to enter the details of the new owner and start the transfer procedure. The control panel of the registrar will have a section that enables you to enter all the required details. Once the new owner's name, email address, and so on are entered, the domain transfer process will be started.

In the event that you need to exchange a domain name, in addition to the fact that you should start the exchange transfer at your end, yet you ought to likewise ensure that the person whom the name is being transferred to likewise acknowledges the transfer.

>>>> Transfer of domain to a different registrar <<<<


It is additionally possible to transfer a domain name from one domain registrar to another. The whole policy on the transfer of domain names between registrars has been given by ICANN.

Here are few things that you need to consider when you transfer your domain name to other registrars.

  • Your current domain name from your current domain registrar should be unlocked.
  • There should not be any sort of due with your current registrar, and it should be completely paid with the present registrar.
  • Your current domain name should not be lapsed or expired, if in case if your current domain name is expired then it will show the status- "Register Hold".
  • You ought to be the owner or registrant of the domain.
  • The ownership of a domain name should not be under any sort of conflict.
  • If you have registered a new domain name and wish to transfer to another registrar then you have to wait at least 60 days to transfer.
  • And in the meanwhile, if you are thinking to transfer a domain name then, in that case, it should not have been transferred to you within the last 60 days.