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How do you get a domain name for free

A free domain name is an extra bonus in any situation. There are many ways to get a free domain name for your website. One of the most simple ways to get a free domain name is to have it from a wordpress or blogger website builder. In these type of domain names you might not get all the rights over it as it would have an extension related to the website from where you have purchased. There is also a risk related in these type of domains as your website might be stopped by the owners by not giving them any appropriate reasons. Hence if you want your website to get best results you shouldn't go with these free domain names. Many of the search engines like google doesn't like these free domain name and they push back these domain names. Register domain name with us and get the best results for your business website

If you are serious of running your own website and make it live on the internet. The best way to get a free domain name is purchasing a hosting service. If a website needs to be live on the internet it needs space, and to get a server space you will require a web hosting service at one point of time or the other. For this reason we provide free domain with web hosting packages. You can avail a free domain name with our web hosting packages which includes a domain name. You can get these free domain names with our unlimited and premium hosting packages. These type of offers would help you gain much better results as you will be able to achieve two things at a time one is web hosting package and the other would be to get a free domain name with your web hosting package. Nowadays many of the website owners are going with .edu domain name as it is the best one for educational institutions.

A domain name is very cheap when compared to any other forms of advertising. Hence we would suggest you to buy a good web hosting package and get free domain name for your website. We have all types of domain names available with us from .in, .com, org or any other forms of domain name extensions. You can avail any of these free domain name from us. If you have any queries you can contact our sales representatives they will assist you in suggesting the best domain name according to your business/website needs.