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How do you find the owner of the domain name

There are millions of websites on the internet with millions of owners as registering a domain name is very easy.  Now one might think how to find out the owner of a particular website. One of the best ways to find out the owner of the website is by performing a WHOIS lookup. The first and the foremost thing you need to do is by typing in WHOIS in google or any other search engine. You will find a list of websites, you can click any one of them.

There are 100s of website to find the owner of the websites. This process is called, Who is look up.

  • https://www.whois.net/
  • http://www.register.com/whois.rcmx
  • https://www.netim.com/domain-name/whois-search.html

Other way to find the owner of the website.

Open the website and go to the contact us page, there you can get the owner's Email ID. Most of the websites, Will have some page similar to contact us, reach us, request quote or some way to reach the owner. You can send email to the mentioned email id, or fill up the form there. Mostly if you have genuine interest and contact them in a right way, certainly you will get a reply from them.

Approach a legal route to find the owner.
This is very lengthy process to get the owner name of the website. But, When you dont have any option to reach the owner of the website, this is your final option left. You can approach any court and provide your case with all the valid documents and approach the court with all the necessary documents. If any court finds your need or case valid, then they can issue an order to the domain name registrar to reveal the identify  of the owner of the domain.

Additional Information on Whois lookup

In a WHOIS website you will not only be able to find out who is the owner of the website, but also when was the
domain name purchase and when it will expire. The process of looking up for a domain name is a very simple process. All you have to do is to type in the domain name you want to find out in the search section of the website. Once you type in the domain name in the space provided you will get all the necessary information related to the website. Like the owner name and other details.

A typical result of a domain name look up

While WHOIS is one of the simplest ways to find the domain name owner and its registration details. But nowadays there is a facility where you can go for a private registration mode where you can hide your identity. Choosing a private registration benefit will help to remove all the personal information related to that owner.

These are some of the ways by which you can find the owner of the website. You can also become a website owner by registering a domain name with us. Buy the best domain name for your business or personal blog. You can even purchase a web hosting package from us at affordable cost.