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How can I register my website

Website registration is a simple process and one of the initial steps to create your online presence. There are many domain name registrars, but not all are reliable. We provide one of the best domain registration services in India at affordable price.

  • Once you are ready with the domain name you want to purchase you can type in that domain name in the search box provided. Once you have typed in the correct domain name for your website you can click on GO.

  • After you have clicked on the Go icon, you will be shown a page which will say if the domain name you have entered is available or not if yes you can book domains. If the domain name that you have typed is available click on the continue button if the domain you have entered is not available you can try typing in different domain name still it shows available and then click on the continue button.

  • After you have clicked the continue button you will be shown a page which will ask you if you want a hosting package as well. If you want a hosting package you can add the hosting package and if not you can click on No Thanks, Continue button.

  • Now you can enter the required details like your name, email address and other important information and click on the continue button.

  • Once you have entered the details correctly you will be redirected to your invoice page which will mention all the price you would have to pay for the domain name. Once you pay the amount mentioned in the invoice, you become the owner of that cheap domain name.

These are some of the few simple steps by which you can register your website. If you have a business need or you just want to create a personal blog or if you want to own a business website. You can book your domain with us at cheap rates. If you are looking for hosting service as well, you can purchase it from us. We have hosting plans where you can get a free domain name with us.