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How to Register Domain Name in India

How to Register Domain Name in India?


What is a domain name?

A domain name is your online address, as a website owner, you will need a domain name.  You register a domain name with a “domain registrar”. It is important which you own and manage your domain name. Setting up a domain name is very easy and it will take very less time to register if you go with us.

Domain names are important because the internet’s addressing system is not effective without them and they make your website unique from the other websites. They help you to manipulate your online visibility and market your enterprise more efficaciously in online. A domain name also facilitates people to recollect you and your website or weblog.


How to choose a good domain?


  • It's better to go with .com, .net, .org, .info, .xyz and .pro. if your target area is all over the world.
  • .com, .net and .xyz is suitable for any types of websites.
  • .org is best suitable for non-profit type organization.
  • .info is best for information websites.
  • If your target region is India, then register with a country domain name, like .in for India, .co.in for company in India, .org.in for organization in India etc.
  • You can also use numbers in your domain but it has to be placed well.
  • Make your domain name related to your business or brand.


Simple Rules for a Memorable Domain Name:


Research – Do a simple online search and see that is any domain related to your domain name or any domain with misspelled form. Even if you use misspelled words in your domain name it won't stop your customers coming to your business.

Brand and Domain – Your brand and area Domain has to be identical. People understand you thru your brand name and if that isn't always what they discover during their search then it will confuse them and you can lose out on potential customers.

Homophones – In case your brand is simply too hard to spell, then don't forget something that is straightforward to consider and unique out of your competitors. Try and have words with simplest one feasible spelling which will now not confuse the consumer. Homophonic words are a awful option for a domain name.

The essentials: Be short, catchy and memorable! You should also make your name easy to pronounce and spell.

The unspoken rules: While buying the domain name you need to avoid something that is too similar to competing for domain names and ensure now not to violate someone else’s trademark.

Brandable: Having a strong brand is important. Even if you're only selling one product right now, you might add other products in the future. Choose a domain name that you can grow into, even as your website or business changes.


How to register a domain name?


 1. To register a domain name, open the website registerdomainsindia.in



2. Click the menu “Domain”, now you will be redirecting to another page.


3. Enter your preferred domain name in search box, select the domain extension like .com, .net, .org etc., and then click the button “Go”



4. Click “GO” button if your preferred domain is available or else go back and search for another name.


You can also choose from wide range other domains like:





5. Choose your preferred domain that you want and then click on continue.



6. Choose Your Hosting Plan and click on continue. If you are not interested in any hosting plans you can click on continue. By clicking continue this will take to payment step.   

7. The final step is payment. Here you get the complete details of your domain and you can also make payment via different mode.


These are steps that are followed in registering a domain.

Later Upload your files to the root folder of your hosting disk space. Files with names like index.html / index.php / default.html / default.php loads as the home page when you type your domain name. And your website is read to use.

 Don’t forget to renew

Customers need to understand that they may lose ownership of the domain if they don't renew it 24 hours prior to the date of expiry. Depending on the plan you choose, you'll have to renew your domain plan in a year, 2 years or longer. If you didn't pay for your domain name then it will go offline. And moreover, if you did not pay before the due date then, such domains can be back-ordered, or purchased through auctions, where there is a change of losing your domain name forever.