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How to register a business name in India

Are you looking for information on how to register a business name in India? Then there is the information to help you on registering a business name in India. The initial step to registering a business domain name is really choosing one. A domain should fall into one of two major categories. It ought to either be keyword centric or brand-centric. To the extent the specifics of domain names go, they should begin with a letter and they can be made out of numbers, letters or a mix of the two. Domain names can also have dashes.

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>>> Always choose the keywords for your domain name for search engine optimization purposes <<<

Keyword centric domains will be centred more around a specific keyword for search engine optimization purposes. Ordinarily smaller websites utilize these sorts of domains. While picking this sort of domains to register, often times the exact match domain will be taken. On the off chance if this happens, don't hesitate to utilize dashes between words or a change of the already taken keyword.

Brand-centric domain names will concentrate on making and offering a brand. Now and then the keyword that the website proprietor wishes to concentrate on will be situated in the domain name.

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>>> Don't pick the existing trademark or copyrighted phrases <<<

It is essential to make sure to avoid picking trademarked or copyrighted phrases. The proper holders of each term can later record the legal action and force the domain name to be given to them by a court on the off chance that they are found to contain such a term.

>>> Always choose the right and the best domain registrar <<<

The second step is to discover a domain name registrar. There are a lot of organizations that can offer the service of registering a domain name. A few organizations are likewise cheaper than others.
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>>> It is very essential to pick the right domain extension for your domain name <<<

  • The third step is to pick a domain extension and verify whether your picked domain is available or not.
  • If it isn't, at that point another domain name should be picked. 
  • Sometimes you can also check with the owner of domain who already has registered his domain name that is he willing to sell his domain name. 
  • Generally, this includes a considerable measure of money contrasted with what it would cost to just register a new domain name.

>>> When you find the right domain name register it very soon! <<<

  • The fourth step is to really register the available domain being referred to with the registrar. 
  • To register your domain name you should pay money and register your domain in your name. 
  • You can register for minimum 1 year to maximum 10 years. 
  • So that you become an official owner of your domain name and if anyone who tries to claim your domain name then you can take a legal action against them.


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The last step in how to register a domain name which is indicating the domain a web host's nameservers. This is done to determine a name to an IP address and further a real website. In the event that the registering party of a domain does not have a website host, then here in Hosting Raja, we provide you the web hosting at an affordable price of Rs. 99 per month with amazing offers.