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Tips for Buying Domain Names in India

Tips for Buying Domain Names in India

As your business grows, you want to simultaneously increase your name popularity. But this is not possible with free domains as you cannot choose the name you want to use. The best option would be to buy a domain and get it registered in your name so that no one can use the same domain name for their website and business.

However if you want to make money through the internet, here are some tips for buying domain names.

Use keyword phrases for your domain

Now that it is validated that it's far better spending to your domain name, you need to use those hints for choosing the proper name. The exceptional element to pick your name is initially keyword studies.

You need to choose a listing of relatively searched keywords to your area of interest market and try and use the correct key phrases as domains. It is even higher in case you use a key-word word together with other keywords and the words most of the people use in seek terms. This could give your website lots of free visitors as your domain is the identical seek time period humans use.

subsequent go to our register domain page to find out if your selected domain name is available or not. Most of the time it is no longer to be had; so preserve a listing of different feasible options whilst sporting out your seek. You could make some mild variations to the name; however, it will still lead to your traffic getting shared.

Look for other extension options

A better option to consider is using other extensions for your domain name instead of .com to .net or .org. Usually, our domain costs about Rs. 99/ month. However, if you buy more than one domain name at a time, or buy it for several years, you will get a discount.

First, you have to confirm that the name you have chosen is really a moneymaker which draws more traffic to your site. With less period of time after using your website, you will get a rough idea about the effectiveness of the name drawing in traffic for your website.

With these tips, you find it easy to choose and buy the right domain name for your website.

After you get your domain name, you will also need a domain hosting. We also provide the best hosting options which are suitable for your website.

3 Things to Avoid in Buying Domain Names In India

Keep away from names that have too many dashes in them. Search engines see websites with plenty of dashes as being less trustworthy as compared to names and not using a dash.

ong domain names are another one to avoid.

The Longest domain name may be difficult for humans to remember easily, so these are not as profitable. Short names might be a higher preference due to the fact site visitors could recall it effortlessly. 

Most importantly, do not be what is called a "typosquatter". These guys buy up domains that sound similar or are common misspellings of trademarked names. Not only is it an awful process, but it is also illegal and could get you jail time.

If you are serious about starting your own domain flipping empire, we can help you get started and teach you the formula to use when buying domain names. The three rules above are a great starting point, but there are many other possible mistakes.

Domain Registration- Facts You Need to Keep in Mind 

Domain registration is an important factor of business, helping people to start constructing their online presence. From deciding on a domain name in your web page to purchasing it by domain registrar - it is fairly easy, in case you understand what to do.

The basics you need to know

Your domain name may be located to your web address URL. Simply put, it is the detailed name you operate to direct users to your website. Each single domain name located on the internet is unique and no names are identical.

A user should be able to put their grievances and feedbacks on a web hosting service platform. HostingRaja complaints are the best way by which can come to know the important things that one should remember while choosing a web hosting service.

Registrations are usually on a first-come, first-serve basis. Domain names can be registered with different top-level annexes, with the most common one is .com, .net and .org. Others include .info, .asia, and much more.

Domain names and web hosting

Once you have got your personal domain name registered, you need to move directly to the next step of having a website. This involves finding a service that helps you to have sufficient space and bandwidth to store your information and make your website reachable to your target audience.

A web host presents the server as well as the connection and the maintenance. As soon as you have uploaded your website to the server, you can then configure your e-mail via the control panel online.


Domain registration is a fairly honest procedure. You head over to our domain registrar page, type in your chosen domain name in our search field, and take a look at if the name you have selected is available. If it is available you could proceed with the registration by imparting the specified data and then make the payment.

In your selected domain name is already taken, you will probably see some suggestions on different TLDs you can go for to help you decide. Or else you can also come up with an alternative name for your site.


Domain names have their own expiration dates, depending on the number of years you registered it for. We have different policies for our plans which including grace periods, with different fees apply as well. When owners fail to renew their domain names in time, it often results in the loss of business and customers in a very damaging way. They even lose access to their data and cannot use the website and email associated with the domain name. So you need to keep a track on your website renewal.

We also offer auto-renewal service to make sure our customers don't forget to renew their domain names in time.


For domain switch, ICANN puts domain names in a 60-day transfer lock, if any modifications are made to the name of the registrant, the email, or the company. Emails might be dispatched to both the new and old registrants to notify them of the transfer.

The key to succeeding at your domain game is choosing us as a domain register that fits your needs. With these facts, take the step forward and register your own domain name the right way.