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.com domain is one of the largest domain sold across the world. The main reason for its popularity is because it can be used in any country it doesn't have any country specific tag attached to it. Most of the people around the world prefer a .com domain for their website be it a small business website or a big organisation or even a simple blog website. All these types of businesses prefer a .com domain name for their business. We have sold countless numbers of .com domains sold to our clients. If you are interested in purchasing a hosting package as well, you can get a free .com domain name with it.

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If you have been looking to buy a .com domain name from a registrar, you might have noticed many major differences in what they provide to customers. We will suggest you some of the basic ways to find a good domain name registration company.

See how long you can hold your domain name and book your domain name till that period 

Booking Period - Before you choose a domain name registration company, it is important to find out for how much time period are you going to book a domain name for your website. You can register a domain name for atleast 1 year of time and to a maximum of 5 to 10 years. Hence if you are looking to show your business/website for a longer run you can book it for 5-10 years. Or if you are not sure that you will keep the domain name for a long period you can book the domain name for 1 year and then renew the domain name according to your business/website results.

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Some of the advantages of booking a .com domain with us are:

* You get FREE domain when you buy Hosting

* Unlimited Hosting + Domain combo Offer

* Free domain parking

* FREE privacy protection on selected domain Extn. (Check the Limited OFFERs)

* FREE domain forwarding

* FREE domain masking

* Secured Way of buying domain with us

* Lowest renewal price for domains

* Most popular and preferred domain name registrar in India

* Custom DNS options

* Option to change the nameservers

* You can lock and unlock your domain anytime to prevent theft

* Change A records, MX records and C Name, as you like it

* Change your address or phone numbers without restriction

*** Reasons You Should Buy a Domain Name ****


**** See cost-cutting opportunities while buying a domain name ****

When you consider creating a website, your budget will be an essential concern - particularly during these uncertain financial circumstances. You will probably look forward to avoiding unnecessary monthly fees. However, when searching for cost-cutting opportunities, it's critical not to underestimate the significance of owning your domain name.

**** Here is the reason why you should buy a domain? *****

Numerous website owners ask why they should purchase a domain name when they can utilize a web address given by a free web hosting provider. After all, in the event that you can have a domain name without an extra monthly fee, doesn't that qualify as a pointless cost? You might be astonished to discover that it's a remarkable opposite- your choice to purchase a domain name can significantly affect the achievement of your online business.


Buy Domains

**** You get more Flexibility with your domain name ****


When you utilize a free subdomain as the web address for your business, you won't have genuine ownership. Your hosting organization will control the domain, which gives them significant control over the destiny of your online business. An issue frequently encountered by those utilizing a free subdomain: When you choose to purchase a domain name, you should pick an alternate web address - implying that you will basically lose the activity and page rank you worked so hard to build with your subdomain.


**** You also get more Stability in your business and helps your business to grow ****


Each website administrator has a one of a kind of principles and requirements that you should obey. Should your website violate any of the terms of your agreement, they have the privilege to automatically close your website down. Settling the issue could require significant investment - if that determination can even be refined.

**** Get your website in better ranking in Search Engine Optimization ****

The significant search engines tend to support top-level domains over subdomains, for a variety of reasons. For instance, subdomains are frequently associated to be a source with spam. Likewise, search engines support domain names that have longer registration terms - an indication of steadiness that looks good for your website.

**** Make your business Branding better by having the best domain name ****

Trying to make a name for your business in the competitive online marketplace is a challenge that exclusive turns out to be all the more overwhelming in the event that you don't purchase a domain name to build your online identity. By registering a domain name, you pick up an effective marketing tool that can enable you to set up your brand and upgrade your credibility.