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A good starting point for your two handed backhand is the continental forehand grip for your dominant hand and the eastern forehand grip for your non dominant hand (1a variation detailed above). Of the variations mentioned up top, this grip offers decent topspin possibilities while also still allowing you to drive through the shot for more power.

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Two-handed backhand grip and swing for beginner players Two-handed backhand grip. Javi recommends holding the racket with the eastern grip for the upper hand and the... Control in your non-dominant arm. In order to gain greater control and ease of motion in their non-dominant arm, the... Key ...

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In this video you will learn about the two handed backhand grip.The two handed or the double-fisted backhand grip is a fundamental grip for all levels. The m...

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Eastern Backhand/ Semi-Western Two-Handed Backhand Grip. This tennis grip is done by putting your left hand in a Semi-Western forehand grip while your right hand is in the Eastern backhand position. This is a common variation amongst men on the professional tour. This grip is ideal if you want to produce topspin in your backhand.

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The majority of players, especially in women’s tennis, hold the racket with two hands when playing a backhand. A right-handed player will place their right hand at the base of the grip, with their left hand further up. The index knuckle of the right hand will typically be on bevel 2, while the heel of the right hand will be on bevel 1.

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The method for finding the right grip for your two-handed backhand is very similar, and your objective is to eventually hold the racquet with an Eastern forehand grip with your non-dominant hand and with a Continental grip with your dominant hand.

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