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How To Stop Your Tennis Racket From Slipping – My Tennis HQ

Racket slipping may happen due to a weak grip, an old overgrip, or sweaty hands. Players can stop the earlier by holding the racket with the appropriate strength. Replacing an old overgrip with a tacky new grip can help stop slipping. Lastly, special products are available to help players with sweaty hands.

How to Stop Your Tennis Racquet Slipping

Instructions 1. Replacement grips can be used to avoid racquet slipping. You can get a grip with tacky surface and which absorbs... 2. Overwraps are also types of grip. You can also get overwraps of tawdry surface and ones which absorb moisture. 3. Wristbands are one of the most effective ways of ...

Practical ways to avoid slippery grips when playing tennis ...

– Use special cream that keeps hands dry (you can find them on the internet or local tennis shop). – Blow into the palms after every point you play (my favourite one). – Wipe the palms against the court’s windscreen (your call 😉 – risking to get your hands dirty but it actually works very well in drying the palm (I tried it many times).

How To Stop Your Tennis Racket From Slipping ...

How To Stop Your Tennis Racket From Slipping? Get a fresh new grip or overgrip:. Overgrips or replacement grips help to give you a better grip on your racket. Help... Wristbands:. Wristbands help keep your sweat off of your grip so it doesn’t slip through your fingers. It will also... Consume salty ...

Grip Pressure Lesson - Tennis Instruction

My example is to make a fist and shake your hand back and forth – then with a relaxed wrist shake again – you can shake faster with the wrist loose. Clinton May 27, 2014 at 11:37 am. - Reply. Another factor that increases grip pressure is the size of the racquet's grip.

Best Tennis Racquet Grips for Sweaty Hands or Humid Weather.

It gets starts getting tacky the moment a little bit of sweat drops on top of it. So, if you sweat a lot you can get this one as it is made with the whole purpose of gripping in sweaty conditions. Either of these grips should help a bit but this is not the only solution as sweat can cause the grip to slip.

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I'm a 5.0 player who plays 3-4 times/week. Over the last year, I've broken 3 rackets from losing my grip on my serve and the racket hitting the ground at 100-ish mph. One time was because my grip was too sweaty but the other two times, the grip wasn't really that bad, and I don't understand why it keeps happening.

Best Tennis Grip in 2021 - Tennis Grip Reviews and Ratings

This is a top rated, dry feel grip that seriously soaks up the sweat, giving you a firmer grasp of the racquet even in the hottest climates. Perfect for humid days, you can keep a firm grip no matter what temperature you face. The grip becomes nice and tacky when wet, and unlike other grips, you’re never going to experience any slipping.