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Different Types of Cricket Bats – 1. English Willow Bat. English willow is an only willow which is preferred by most of the cricketers in international... 2. Kashmir Willow Bat. Kashmir willow is mostly demanded wood in India, which is used for the production of cricket bats. 3. Softball Cricket ...

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Cricket bats can be made of different material and weigh very differently too. They are all manufactured from willow, as this is the most hard-wearing material for the job, but there are two main varieties of cricket bat willow to choose from, English Willow and Kashmir Willow.

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Kashmir Willow are used in the production of bats as it is very tough and shock resistance, durable as well as very light in weight. That is the reason Kashmir willow bats are used by the professional cricket players. Popular willow cricket bat: Poplar Willow are for kids and beginners of cricket.

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There are two types of willow found for the production of professional cricket bats English willow; Kashmir willow; You can find both types of willow bats at Cricket Best Buy. Click here to see english willow cricket bats. As by the name English willow, this willow comes from England and it’s also called white willow. However, kashmir willow and English willow are not the same types of willow.

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#4 CA Plus 15000 Player Edition 7 Star Cricket Bat #5 MRF Genius Grand Edition Cricket Bat Virat Kohli. For making this bat, MRF Genius Grand Edition uses handpicked... #6 New Balance BURN Cricket Bat. New Balance BURN Cricket Bat is made from the best available 2nd grade English willow. #7 ...

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In India, Kashmir willow is the most sought-after wood for cricket bats. It can only be found in the Indian state of Kashmir. The appearance and quality of a Kashmir willow bat differ from that of an English willow bat. In comparison to English willow, the wood used to manufacture Kashmir willow bats is harder, and the bat is heavier.

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The different types of willows which are used to make the bat are: English willow: The English willow is a soft and fibrous timber and is preferred by most of the bat manafacturers.

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Cricket Bat Willow trees are normally purchased standing, with all felling, extraction and clearing down to J S Wright & Sons Limited. Cricket Bat Willows are not purchased or calculated in cubic feet or metres and we cannot give a guide to value as it depends on many different factors but we are happy to view trees and quote a price.