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Learn how to dig a volleyball with one arm or one hand by watching this free volleyball tutorial! This volleyball instructional video will teach you how to ...

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One arm digs are basically last chance efforts to the the ball up. I wouldn't say there is a proper technique, anything is valid as long as you don't get called a lift. If I'm on my feet I'll extended out one a one arm platform (forearm same as a regular dig).

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Make a fist with your hand and reach to the ball with one arm if you have to and get the ball up in the reach of one of your teammates. Overhand Dig If the ball comes off the block hard and high, you may need to reach up over your head to get it.

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A player may dive and try to dig the ball simply with one arm and a balled fist. One method of digging the ball when a player has little time to react is by using a move called the flipper, when the player dives with an arm outstretched and their palm facing down and makes contact with the top of their hand. Examples Of How Dig Is Used In Volleyball

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When the ball is to your side, you need to bring your arms together at that side. So if the ball is coming off to your left, your left arm is already over there, bring your right arm out to meet it instead of joining them together in the middle and swinging your arms out together. Square your platform to your target.

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To dig a volleyball, plant your feet wider than your shoulders, bend your knees, and be ready to move quickly by shifting your weight forward on your toes. Next, get into a receiving position by stretching both arms out in front of you and pressing them together from hands to elbows.

How to Dig a Volleyball

Dig the ball at the midline of your body if you can. If you have to reach outside your body, extend and angle your arms in the direction of the target. Remember to always change your body position to face the hitter. Hard driven balls are dug often just by getting in good body position.

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Hands start low in front of the body and swing up to strike the ball upwards. Strike the ball with the lower forearms. Follow through with the hands pointing towards the intended target or the sky...

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